EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (Remote or in-person) 

Reasonable adjustments are often required for employees with disabilities. This includes conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism. Even small adjustments can make a big difference to the way an employee works. 
We work with employers and employees to help establish what kind of adjustments might be needed to make the workplace more inclusive and to help the employee work more effectively. So far, we have helped individuals and managers working for NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Police Forces and the Civil Service, as well as private sector companies.  
The adjustments and any specialist technology / software identified can often be funded through the Government’s Access to Work scheme. We also offer training for any assistive software recommended. 
Please see details of what our assessments cover below. 

DYSLEXIA, ADHD & DYSPRAXIA ASSESSMENT (Remote assessment OR Full in-person diagnostic) 

A diagnostic is an in-depth assessment which involves testing problem-solving, literacy skills and cognitive processes. It will identify whether an individual has dyslexia or DCD/ dyspraxia. Our Diagnostic assessment will also; 
Explore strengths and challenges 
Suggest how strengths can be utilised more effectively to help overcome challenges 
Recommend adjustments, such as, extra time in professional exams, assistive technology, workplace support 
Be useful for applying for funding 
Be conducted by a qualified and experienced Specialist Assessor. 
We have taken steps to make sure in-person assessments can be conducted safely and also offer a simplified, remote assessment for dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD (Prices dependent on location) 


This is a solution focused assessment which identifies adjustments tailored to an individual’s particular job role. Our workplace needs assessments can; 
Cover a range of difficulties including autism, ADHD and visual impairment, as well as dyslexia and dyspraxia 
Identify suitable assistive technology and equipment (including text to speech and voice recognition software, or visual aids) 
Recommend changes/reasonable adjustments to working practices 
Help employers to comply with the Equality Act and for employees to work more productively 
(Remote workplace needs assessment price £175, in-person price dependent on location) 

 Why book with Link Dyslexia? 

Our assessments are conducted by Specialists 
Our service is efficient, our turnaround time for reports is usually under 2 weeks 
We will provide initial and follow-up advice, as needed 
We offer discounts for multiple bookings or for booking a Diagnostic and a Workplace Needs Assessment together 


For more information or to book a screening or an assessment, call, text or email Sarah.  
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